SAMUEL DEL REAL is an accomplished Latin pianist, arranger, band leader and educator from Barranquilla, Colombia with decades of professional experience. During the height of his career in Latin America, Samuel was a pianist of Dimension Latina and Trabuco Venezolano – two prominent and internationally recognized ensembles. He participated in various recording productions in Caracas, Venezuela and in 1983 Samuel recorded his first solo album. The song “Ella No Baila Sola became a hit in nearly every night club across Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Panama, even reaching the USA. After relocating to Chicago in 1985, Samuel immediately formed his orchestra with members of various ethnic and musical backgrounds which gave a unique perspective to his sound. Since then Samuel del Real and his orchestra have performed at various festivals, concerts and private venues across major US and European cities including Chicago, New York, London and Miami among others. Samuel’s three most recent albums – Piano Caliente, Piano Jamboree and Piano Navideno include selections from his extensive Latin Jazz repertoire as well as fresh interpretations of Afro Cuban classics. Samuel is also a music educator, who has been teaching music and bringing a touring performances and music workshops to Chicago public schools, colleges and educational centers thru Urban Gate Ways (1990-1995), International Music Foundation (2003-Present), Del Real Music Center. At the present moment, Samuel is promoting his own After School Music Program, to public schools and cultural centers targeting the Latino Community, considering a very powerful tool to enrich the Latin American Culture. The purpose of Del Real Music Center is to teach children at an early age, the knowledge and basic concepts of music while introducing them to musical instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, percussion and vocalization and voice as a tool to develop the inner ear. In addition students will learn to interact with Latin rhythms like salsa, cumbia, merengue, Caribbean, Latin Jazz and music of Mexico.