Pianist, bandleader, arranger, producer and educator

SAMUEL DEL REAL is a well known Latin Jazz pianist, bandleader, arranger and educator born in Barranquilla Colombia and residing for more than a decade in the city of Chicago. He was pianist of Dimension Latina and Trabuco Venezolano and participated in an array of recording productions in Caracas Venezuela. In 1983 recorded his first album with his own band.

His first hit “Ella No Baila Sola” became the theme song in every night club of Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Panama, USA among others countries. In 1985, Samuel moved to the United States, Chicago, where he rapidly formed his orchestra with members of different nationalities given a blended sound to his music. “Piano Caliente”, “Piano Jamboree” and “Piano Navideno” are the most recent albums that include selections from his extensive Latin Jazz repertoire. It is a pleasure to announce the new latin Jazz  recording project that will be release petty

Samuel Del Real Y su Orquesta:


Piano, Arreglo y Producción Musical: Samuel Del Real

Cantante: Franklin Paz

Bass: Gustavo Carmona

Congas: Tata Guerra.

Timbal: Gustavo Espinal

Trumpets: Rafael Rey y Lewis

Tenor sax and flute: Javier Anguera

Trombone: Carlos Guerra

Coros: Daniel Montes de Oca and Joe Rodriguez